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  1. Really nice looking coffee mug! I am assuming since you said “Here is the blue one” that they are all different colors. Merry Christmas!

  2. Very, very nice. Am I detecting a theme here?

    I really love coffee gifts. A few years ago James gave me my cappuccino machine for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts ever.

    Merry Christmas, Rob!!! Are you coming to this area for Christmas? We have a little gift for you!

  3. I would love to see a picture of you drinking coffee from a Christmas-y red cup while wearing the pleather/leatherette attire, but I guess we will have to wait until your b-day.

    I do like the cup! Is the red one at your house, Sarah?

  4. Well, the other one’s a really neat brown glaze, but it is at Rob’s house with the blue one.

    Jules, coffee gifts are great. Since coffee is such an infinitely consumable product, the possibilities are nearly endless!

  5. I am so weird. I read through everything, and I am not sure where I got the idea there was a red cup.

  6. Thanks a lot, Carl. Ok, the brownish mug was dirty at the time of the photo. And being somewhat lazy, I opted to photograph only the clean one.

    But then I bet you people already knew that, eh?

  7. Wait- why would one look for a “smaller dose” coffee cup? I’m still looking for Gallon Gulp size since drinking it straight from the pot is so messy; although you never dirty a cup that way…

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