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  1. The beak looks like that of the woodpecker family…

    My guess is that it is either a “Red-Shafted” Northern Flicker or perhaps a Gilded Flicker.

  2. How exciting! Another new bird. I would have to agree with Hojun4 on the family. Rob, you need a bird book!!! Ask Santa for one 🙂

  3. Rob, just so you know, you used the incorrect word for bird. It’s fowl, not foul.

    Just so you know.

  4. That’s an interesting looking bird. We have woodpeckers that like to bang on our guttering at 6:00 am!! Hope this one doesn’t do that to you. Has it discovered your upscale urinal? 😆

  5. The elusive bird has been identified!

    I was doing some investigation of my own through the internet and was getting somewhat closer, … but called in some more via the internet.

    So, with a big thanks to Bill Schmoker from :

    ” That’s a Northern Flicker. The red malar stripe (below its bill) tells me its a male and it is the red-shafted subspecies. (Yellow-shafted birds have red on their napes and a black malar stripe.) “

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