the wild (patio) kingdom

Following up on Julie’s great suggestion, I’ve added another installment to my wild kingdom…
Peanut butter covered pinecones!

And Sarah helped me with the free pinecone gathering. Would you believe I almost paid for pinecones, and I live in the wilderness state of Colorado? Thanks, Sar!


The ingredients


The finished, gooey product.

I then sprinkled birdseed on the cones and hung them from my tree which is now on the patio. So far, no birds or squirrels, but I’ve noticed that the local fauna take a good 24 hours to become accustomed to changes this radical.

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  1. Much better than yesterday, which consisted of thick viscous saliva, fever, soar ear/throat, and 17 hour sleep. Today the fever’s gone. 🙂

  2. Looks like you had fun! Glad Sarah is there to take care of you regarding gathering vs buying pinecones!! What did you use to hang them? Yes, silly critters, always does take them some time to adjust to something new. I have seen birds sitting with on the edge of a new birdbath, with their backs to the water!!! Glad you are on the upswing from the crud.

  3. Oh man, the girls would love making those things.

    The messier the task the more fun it is in their book.

  4. I did! Mr. Squirrel finally came back and found quite the treasure for him. He stole on of the pinecones and licked it furiously like it was an ice cream cone.

    And the birds are trickling back finally too. 🙂

  5. He probably went back and excitedly told all his friends and family that he’s found the mother load. He may be an over dramatic squirrel that’s told fish stories before, so it may take the others some time before they give in to his tale telling and come check it out. At least this will help to redeem his reputation among his family and peers. It may even turn him into a hero!

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