back from the trip

Ok, I’m lazy and rather than reinvent the wheel, check out Jules’ post and Sarah’s post about our trip last weekend.  Much fun was had.






7 responses to “back from the trip”

  1. Carl V. Avatar

    I am so sad that we missed seeing you guys. The plans we had were made earlier in the week and we didn’t know you were coming until after we got home Sat. night and got James’ message.

    Hope next time we can get together with you guys and meet Sarah!

  2. Rob Avatar

    That’s all my fault. That whole week was hectic for me right before the trip and I really dropped the ball with plans.

    So sorry, Carl and Mary for not cluing you in. Next time I’ll be better about planning out the trip.

  3. Jules Avatar

    We’ll have a big grill out next time!

  4. Ciera Avatar

    well, from their post…looks like y’all had fun. 🙂

  5. Gianna Avatar

    okay, rob! i am commenting on your site so that i don’t fill melissa’s up with all kinds of technical questions. I have my blog set up, but I have no idea what some things mean. is it okay to ask you tons of questions. i might need to.

  6. Rob Avatar

    Sure, no problem!

  7. mel Avatar

    it went too quick!

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