birthday bash!

Last weekend was Sarah’s 27th birthday party. We hung out at her parents’ house and had a blast.

Some of the fun, in unpoetic bulleted list:

  • ping pong
  • jogging 3 miles (yes, believe it or not, I am now finding this fun, especially with Sarah)
  • big waffle breakfast
  • Lost on a laptop
  • authentic Mexican food
  • petting miniature horses
  • sudoku
  • city slickers chopping wood
  • the best applesauce in the world
  • free ‘Bucks coffee at church

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! Sounds like you had a mostly fun birthday…don’t know about the jogging part! Now is the time to establish the Birthday Week rule that Mary and I have…which is that your birthday should be celebrated by your sign. other the whole week, not just one day! Its never too early to start training!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Sounds like a fun time with friends and family.

    P.S. I love your cake!

    P.S.S. Does my husband not remember how to spell significant? Is that why he abbreviated it?

    P.S.S. I was 27 once…

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Now you are officially in your late 20’s!! Do not fear. Each year gets better and better!! I love the 30’s!

    I love your cake, too. Did your mom make it for you?

    So Rob. Did you beat Sarah’s mom in ping pong or did you take one for the team as James suggested? Or, did you even have a choice in the matter. Hehe!!

  4. Thanks, Carl, Mary, and Jules! I’ve always wanted to be a little older than I am, for some reason, so birthdays are good for that. My mom did make the cake (check my blog for a post on the actual cake), and it’s a longtime favorite of mine.

    I decided that I MUST acquire heart-shaped cake pans sometime in the future. The heart-shaped cakes always fill me with warm feelings at my parents’ house!

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