eyeTV 500 & NCAA

I don’t own a TV right now. But I do own an eyeTV.

(Disclaimer: According to the Anglicans, Lent is suspended on Sundays. Just so you know.)

Elgato Systmes makes the eyeTV 500, a high definition tuner that plugs into you Mac computer. It can be used as a personal video recorder for archiving your favorite shows and also for later editing.

I hooked it up today for the first time to check out the NCAA round two games. Check out this picture on my new Dell widescreen monitor:


Cool, huh?

8 Replies to “eyeTV 500 & NCAA”

  1. How much space does something like a basketball game in HD take up on your drive? I’m convinced that high definition television was created for sports. Oh, and Lost. 😉 I look forward to your reply next Sunday.

  2. Ah….using religious loopholes to get back into the blogging game, eh? Very sad! 😉

    Watching the games on the computer this week was so great…work was never so fun! 🙂

  3. sweeeeet…. Although when I clicked on the picture of your widescreen monitor, my non-widescreen Dell monitor actually began to sob…

    Side note: As I type a comment someone types the exact same thing at the bottom of the webpage! Testing: MIZNEROTIC! spooky…

  4. Maybe never, Mary. Maybe I’ll join an Anglican monastery** where blogging is forbidden, among other things.

    **Hey, Sarah, do the Anglicans have monasteries?

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