Just call me Eric Liddell

I have something to show you, evidence of a newly turned leaf so profound and yet so horrifying.
…you have to see it to believe it:

5K run bib

Do you know what that is? It’s a runner’s bib. You see, I’m a runner now. Though you might not know it to see me run, and you might never have guessed it by my prior religious stance on running. But I am indeed a converted runner.

And I have proof.

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  1. Good for you! Any marathons planned? Running is always something that has a certain romantic flavor to it…until one actually gets out and has to do it! My only advice…wear really, really good shoes!

  2. Are you and Sarah still doing your weekend and daily running to get ready for this? And I agree with the shoe theme of the other comments. Have fun. When is your run?

  3. He he he… Lynda, I was just pondering skipping my daily run, but saw your post. So yes, we’re still doing our daily running and yes, I’m walking out the door right now to do my easy run.

  4. Go Rob! I was just hanging out with some friends and we got to discussing how we all really dislike running — I’d much rather be on an eliptical and be kind to my joints, or play raquetball. But I am impressed to no end with the determination it takes to train for and run a race like this!

  5. Good for you, Rob! I just had this great image of the Eric Liddell footage I had seen years ago after seeing Chariots of Fire. His arms and facial expressions looked so crazy when he ran, but he ran like the wind.

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