The change holder in my Matrix (Trinity, as I like to call her) lacked a good way of keeping the coins from rattling around. Time to make a spring-loaded contraption.

Below is the little change holder that comes with the Toyota Matrix. It’s intended for just quarters, as an easy spot to grab for tolls and such. But you can see how those quarters could rattle around when the holder’s not full. Looks like a good mod project to me!

First some raw material. I chose some black plastic I had laying around and I used a metal scribe to trace a quarter outline for Dremeling. After cutting out the discs and filing them down, the next step was to glue a spring between them.

Here’s the final product in an animation (click the link and watch the quarters load up!):

change holder animation
change holder animation

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  1. I have to make time for the projects, even if it’s at 1am on a Sunday night! You inspired this one, Sar, when you restocked my change holder. 🙂

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