I just got this Oral-B Sonic Complete. It has the coolest recharging dock in the world.

It’s my first electric toothbrush ever.


I wish I could say that I’ve tried it yet, but the recharging connector stole my attention.

charging cradle

Notice that there are no metal tabs anywhere on that cradle connector? The toothbrush is rechargable. There’s a NiCad battery in there. Thus, there has to be metal tabs somewhere for the battery to charge somehow. Plus and minus. Metal tabs. Do you see any metal tabs?

amazing connector

How’d they do that?! The best I can figure, there’s some sort of magnetic connection through the plastics.

Here’s the groovy blue light lit up in the dark room.

wonderful blue glow

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  1. This kind of charger cradle (i.e. no metal tabs) has certainly been around for a few years. We recently replaced our eToothBrush with one similar to yours after the metal spike snapped off after years of enthusiastic vibration. A new one even tells you how long to brush in each quadrant — who needs a mother?! It’s an odd combination, toothbrush and microchip… I wonder if it can boot into Linux? It may be possible to over-clock them, for those mornings you’re in a real hurry (a bonus when that “filed teeth” look becomes fashionable). Personally, I’m holding out for the floss-o-matic ™.

    Anyway, it works by “inductive charging” See here. Catch is the battery isn’t replaceable, since it’s sealed in plastic (to avoid electrocution-by-tongue?).

    P.S. I do like the Lightbox JS implementation; I must get that working on my site 😉 (it needs hacking for K2 compatibility).

  2. And you call yourself an EE! Hmmmm…. didn’t we learn about inductance in, like, Circuits I?

    Don’t feel bad, I just bought a book on how to do electrical wiring in one’s house. That stuff is confusing!

  3. As both Rob’s friend and a dentist, I think the best thing I can do here is leave this post entirely alone 🙂

    1. Nice, Andie! Hey, you should make it so that us non-Blogger types can comment. Sarah can tell you how to do it if you can’t find it. 🙂

  4. Ha! I loved this post, not least because my ‘lectric Oral-B toothbrush has the same connector AND I wondered the same exact thing when I got it! I just figured it was a sign from God that oral hygiene is important enough to warrant Him charging my toothbrush while I slept.

  5. I have the Sonic Complete, too! My sister is a dentist, and she recommended it. I love it, but now I’ll have to consider loving its dock, too!

  6. There is a NiCd battery inside of the handle. It is Made by Sanyo Japan. It does not say how many amps it is. To get it out put the blade of a large flat headed screwdriver into the charging hole of the handle and turn gently. The spring held battery holder and computer will come apart. The battery holder has tabs but they are epoxied? onto the battery but can be gently pried away and the battery removed. I am just trying to find out where to get a replacement…the phone number on the side of the handle 1-800-566-7252 gives messages in several languages…the Oral B plaque remover answering company has hrs Eastern time of business hours weekdays. Please let me know if you find out any more than I have so far. I am going to call the # back at business hrs and contact a battery supply company in Vancouver or ?? Canada, or in the USA.

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