Not that long ago, life changed dramatically for me.

It was a change of location, a change of job, in many ways a fresh new start and perspective.

Shortly after the move, I blogged about the changes and a certain young lady from the area commented on the post:

I love your front page picture of the DIA tunnel. Being a fellow CO dweller, I have a definite soft spot for the airport- great architecture and design makes it a fun place to go! Nice looking site, by the way.

After cruising her blog for personal details, I wrote a goofy response:

Hello, Sarah! Wow, a local. This is a first. Let me get this straight: you’re a banjo-playing fan of Interpol? You are so cool. Thanks for dropping by!

A few days later, I blogged about updating my license and Sarah and I played a sickeningly flirtatious game of guessing my middle name. For those of you that witnessed this, I apologize. 🙂

Part of the perspective change in coming to Colorado yielded a new personal credo. I would attempt to relax about my present singlehood. This new line of thinking spawned a blog post and the most heated pool of ElectroLund comments, topping off at 42!. Incidentally, it was Sarah who commented first:

Good luck, Rob- I hope this yields a high platonic friend count for you; er, that is what you want, right? Do you really feel strongly about this? I don’t know if you’ve convinced me that you really want this halt to dating.

Her directness made an impression on me. She challenged my thinking, and more importantly she caught my eye! It wasn’t long before Sarah’s photo was inserted into that little frame on my desk at work.

picture frame, minus girlfriend

The last 8 months have been a joy getting to know Sarah. She’s a great friend I laugh with, a beautiful woman who I’m proud takes my hand. She’s extremely intelligent, witty, and musical. I love you, Sarah, more each day.

I asked Sarah to marry me last weekend. And like a dream, she said yes.

Sarah said "yes"!
Sarah said "yes"!

Oh, one more thing. When we told her brother Mark about our engagement, he had this dignified reaction:


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  1. James didn’t appreciate Mark’s response at 6:30 am! Oops!!!

    I remember those commments from Sarah! James and I went to her site to check out her profile and pics and we got excited!!

    You guys make a great pair! No doubt your future will be full of all the stuff that makes a great marriage!

  2. Congrats to you both, James told us about it Saturday night when we all went out. I am super happy for the both of you and look forward to more posts, etc. as the blessed day approaches!

  3. Wow! That move to Coloado was the best thing you ever did. Congrats on the engagement to a wonderful person who I can’t wait to meet.

  4. I am so happy for you! James and Julie told us the very happy news Sat. and we were ecstatic for you!!! Congratulations! You guys make quite the couple.

    Isn’t it so neat how God moves us. Sometimes it’s difficult to leave but then he brings this new and wonderful better plan for us. He truly has a plan for each of our lives and it is not an evil plan but for our good and our enjoyment!!!

  5. After checking out Sarah’s blog for a better picture of the ring, I only have this to say….


  6. I am so happy for you and Sarah. And I think what indecsion you went through getting to Colorado. My, My….. I am thrilled for you both. Rob, the book about reading a woman’s mind is on the way!! Just kidding.
    God’s Blessings for you both.

  7. I am extremely happy for you and Sarah. Boy, it’s sure is a good thing you didn’t listen to me and stay here at MTSI! We miss you a lot, but this is so much better for you! Please stop by with Sarah when you are in town, if you can. I would love to meet her, maybe we could go to lunch. CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh, the ring is gorgeous!

  8. Awwwww, my brother’s gettin’ hitched! We love Sarah, of course! I get a sister! *sob*

    I’m so excited for the wedding! Only 94 days away!

  9. Lol, that’s the secret formula, Eliot. Just keep blogging. As Kip once said: “You’re just jealous that I’ve been chatting with babes all day.”

  10. Congrats Rob! 🙂 See, CO isn’t such a bad place…

    We still need to grab coffee sometime. 🙂


  11. Congrats Rob!! I am glad you found that special someone. I know there was hope for everyone in D4 after Randal got married. Best wishes for the future, and God Bless.

    Josh E.

  12. Congratulations Rob!! We are so excited for you! And you have such a great “how we met” story!

  13. Be the blogger you most want to blog with! Show Me hearkens back to Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily. Rob, creative writing is a medium that will serve you well in the listening ahead. We enjoyed sharing the suspense and heart in your post; God’s grace to you and Sarah.

  14. Hi Rob,
    Min just told me the great news! Congrats and way to go!

    Whatever you do, don’t let him teach you how to play racquetball because he’ll make you run, and run, and run some more. Then, he’ll just grin while you lean on the wall wheezing as you desperately try to catch your breath. I know, he whipped me too many times but I kept coming back for more.

    I wish you both the very best.


  15. We’re so excited for you and Sarah and we really enjoyed the ‘cyber report’ of how you two met!
    -Chris and Misty

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