Last time, I talked about the conceptual design of the shed.  Well, today Mark and I completed phase 2 of the shed project: the foundation.

I bought treated 4×4 lumber for the frame. The shed size will be 10×8 feet. We framed the foundation together with joist brackets and dug out trenches to level the foundation.

foundation frame outline

I’m going to lay plywood for the flooring after the anchor kit comes in.


It’s a good thing Mark was there; I couldn’t have done it without him.

foundation flooring

The shed should be here in a week and we’ll be ready for it!

Partial Project Gallery:

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  1. So is this in Sarah’s backyard? Do condos have backyards? What an exciting time! Is this where all your stuff is going to go? I am full of questions today.

  2. Rob, this is so exciting. One step closer to being a married man.

    By-the-way, the uneven ground beyond the fence (?) creates a kind of optical illusion…looks like the foundation is on a slant.

  3. Rob! Dig out that senior design project! This is the perfect opportunity to test its functionality. hee hee.

  4. Can we post a poll regarding the footwear you and I wear in those pictures? People can vote on whose is more horrible! I know Sarah will have a hard time choosing!

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