A boy and his dog

Look what we woke up to this morning!

A foot of blowing snow, gusts reaching 40MPH!


Sar got a call at 4am — her school was closed today. And the roads were too treacherous for me to drive to Denver for work. All the pieces in place to transport (read: regress) me back in time. I was so giddy, you’d thought I was a 5 year old. Me and my dog quickly got suited up for “a blizzard trek across the frozen urban tundra” 1.


The boy’s gotta keep warm too!

Royal and I waded through knee (paw) high snow, jumping in and out of drifts, and ran from blinding snow and wind. It was a blast!

I had all these fond memories flood my mind of staying outside in the bygone winter storms in Missouri so many years ago. Even the temptation of Mom’s hot soup wasn’t enough to keep me indoors for very long. I’d warm my cold little extremities and fill my belly, while soggy boots and stinky gloves piled up around the heat registers.

And then it was right back outside, back into the boy-built snow forts to wage more wintry war against the neighbors. That lasted for what seemed like hours into nightfall.

What glorious days are snow days!


  1. source: my lovely wife






8 responses to “A boy and his dog”

  1. Kim Avatar

    While it snowed for you yesterday, we Texans got a beautiful warm day.

  2. Angela Avatar

    holy crap.
    i’d move if i had snow in october.

  3. Nathan Avatar

    Is the next entry gonna be on ‘refinishing kitchen cabinet doors’?

  4. Rob Avatar

    All good things, my boy…

  5. Olga Avatar

    Really good pics! Reminds me of our last winter in Wisconsin. You were five years old and had a dog then too who was your constant companion. We had our first snow fall in early November and lots of it, similar to Colorado this week. You were out in the snow most of the day not wanting to come in. I tried to convince you that you could play in the snow again the next day, but you were afraid it would be gone. Later we wondered if that thought was a glimpse of future snow falls in Missouri, which most often do melt in a day or two. Not so Wisconsin. Snow fell often and long that year Snow banks were high making sidewalks feel almost tunnel-like. The next spring, on Easter weekend in April, snow was still on the ground! That was your last big snow hurrah. You certainly did enjoy it! I think you have moved to the right place.

  6. had Avatar

    that’s so cool! your pics make me want to move to colorado!

  7. Jules Avatar

    I remember the joy of snow days! Now snow days for me make for busy, busy days! There’s always a mountain of wet snow gear by the door and my socks are cold and soggy all day from kiddos tracking in! My kitchen table is typically covered in sticky hot chocolate spills!

    I don’t think it snows as much here like it did when we were growing up. Too bad.

  8. mel Avatar

    I’m so jealous! We’ve had some snow fall, but nothing has accumulated. Sad! I thought moving to Minnesota would ensure snow…hmph, not true!

    I love mom’s comment! How perfectly nostalgic! Can you believe it–Colorado has given you snow, a dog . . . PLUS a hot woman! Who could ask for more?

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