the Dark Knight returns

Look what my cool wife ordered for us:

Batman check

That’s right: super hero checks! There’s also Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. So cool.






6 responses to “the Dark Knight returns”

  1. Carl V. Avatar

    Those are fun! We have Care Bears…..just kidding.

  2. Jules Avatar

    Very fun! They will make spending money at Wal-Mart less painful.

  3. Eliot Avatar

    Wow, so cool! Wish I had found those before I found the boring stock Wells Fargo ones.

  4. Bruce Avatar

    Rob, could you ship me a Batmobile if I send you one of those “Bank of Gotham” cheques?

  5. Rob Avatar

    Maybe a picture of the Batmobile. 😉

  6. Angela Avatar

    cool! mine are just of beach scenes.. i think i would have gotten marvel comics ones instead if they were offered.

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