It’s that time again, everyone — Halloween!

Sarah and I started a new family tradition of pumpkin carving!

Here’s both our carvings. Sar picked the better pattern of the two. Mine is one of those negative image types, very hard.

Isn’t her kitty pretty?

This is supposed to be Frankenstein’s monster, but looks more like the Hunchback. Snakes on a plane.

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  1. Note to self: Search Wikipedia for explanation of strange American custom of “Halloween”. Check on significance of pumkins; do they play religious or erotic role? Is this a conspiracy by the dental industry to generate business? Try to understand why some other countries adopt this festival with no understanding of its significance (as per Guy Fawkes Night).

  2. Boo! Have to agree with Sarah about your pose. Yep, the same. Looks like you guys had fun with the pumpkins and costumes. What about the cats????

  3. It looks like you guys had a great time.

    Where is Ebe’s costume?

    Yes, that is the same pose.

  4. Oh man, your pumpkin rocks, Eliot. So, what tools did you use? I’m such a newb. This is my first year getting into the more elaborate carvings. I used a dremel tool but that made such a mess.

  5. Hard to believe that October came and went in such a blur. Nice job with the pumpkin carvings!

    For a second there I thought that was you in a dog costume with angel wings next to Madame Butterfly! 😉

  6. How fun! I love all the costumes!

    hmmmm. . . cowboy Rob or superRob? They’re both great looks for you Rob. You may have to work a little on facial expressions, though. Sarah’s onto you!

  7. You guys are so cool! I love costumes-every single one of them! They are perfect! Sar-I love the shoes too! Man, jim and I are so boring, all we did was get a free burrito!

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