Hygiene quiz

Ok, as my lovely wife has stolen my thunder, I’m in need of your help.

Help us settle this domestic dispute. Which is better for your oral hygiene: flossing or gargling with mouthwash?

I feel the poll results should be the final deciding factor, but I suppose my dentist today will tell me the real truth. The loser of this bet will have to follow this with a public apology post.

So, as always, vote early and vote often (on her blog and this one):


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  1. Actually, my dentist recommends both. Floss first, then mouthwash. Also brush with electric brush, brush tongue and cheeks.

  2. People, this is important! You know in your hearts what the right answer is.

    Let me put it this way: when you first wake up, what’s going to fight morning breath better? Floss or mouthwash?

  3. I think YOU need fixing, Alex! Everyone knows that there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics”. In these cases, it pays not to do the math.

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