Hygiene update

Ok, the results are in…

88% of you voted for flossing as best. Well, according to my hygienist (not a licensed dentist, mind you!) flossing is more important. She claimed that one’s whole health improves while flossing. I expected her to tell me next that a pot of gold was being guarded by leprechauns in the nearby forest.

She proceeded to tell me that mouthwash was basically useless — except for Listerine. Something about “essential oils” that the other mouthwashes don’t have.

So as my father-in-law put it, anyone want to buy some mouthwash?

I hereby publicly apologize to my wife for doubting her clear dental wisdom. And pass the floss.






4 responses to “Hygiene update”

  1. Lynda Avatar

    Your apology written to not put too much shame on your face, but as a loving husband that is finally understanding that their wives are always right!!! HaHa!!!!

  2. Mary Avatar

    Rob, you’ll have to check out my comment on Cool Cucumber to see the European view on floss. That Romania dentist claimed it was a wide spread opinion in Europe. I still will vote for floss, but for snuggling up at night, mouthwash wins every time.

  3. mel Avatar

    Well, I missed out on the voting option, but I have to say I would have voted with the flossers! Listen to your woman!

  4. Carl V. Avatar

    Oh Rob…the first lesson of marriage is to never admit publicly that you were wrong!!! You have so much to learn young Padawan.

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