Weekend(s) painting dash

Sarah and I are both list people.

For instance (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. One goal for me a few weekends ago was to install some new light fixtures.
  2. Topmost in Sarah’s list was to repaint the kitchen.

Up until Saturday, the kitchen was a pleasant blue:


And what color do you suppose she choose? Your favorite and mind: orange!


The only trouble is that it was a little too orange. As you can see by our test wall:


So, it was back to Home Depot for us and the search for the perfect (read: darker) shade of orange began again.


Now that’s much better!

My sweetie immortalized me on our walls:


Here’s me cooking up some grub and my dog waiting for some scraps.


Notice all the doors and drawers removed. All in service to the paint. Glorious gleaming white paint.


Gleaming, aren’t they?


The project:


4 Replies to “Weekend(s) painting dash”

  1. Oh my goodness! It’s just beautiful! I keep looking at the final picture! I’ve looked at it three different times now–that’s how gorgeous it is!

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