Trailer Roundup (vol. 5)

Ok, kids, it’s trailer time again!

Cassandra’s Dream:

Looks like Woody’s back to his Match Point snappy dramatic thriller success. Looks like he’s staying in England for the foreseeable future too. I don’t mind the change in scenery. His cast is predictably stellar again.

The Signal:

This trailer is way too frenetic to be effective. There’s strobing, jump cutting — it’s a mess. Yet, it’s a small-budget story like 28 Days Later was. So there might be hope. The word on the film festival circuit is it’s the next new thing.

Right At Your Door:

Boy, the apocalyptic movies just keep coming, huh? This one looks to me like another smaller budget flick, but the story is intriguing. I like the setup, the impossible choice the guy is put under. Could be very promising.

That’s it this week. Short and sweet.

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