Trailer Roundup (vol. 7)

Yes I know, this is a week late. So I’ve got quite a few trailers for you, fellow trailer fan:

First up is a neat foreign historical film, The Counterfeiters:

I love the look and feel of this one. It’s not action packed war drama, it’s a simple but very unique side-story about WWII. I love those. For some reason, it reminds me of Enigma, another great film in the same setting about the code encryption devices. Can’t wait for Counterfeiters.
Next is Jack and Morgan in The Bucket List:

Looks like it could be very maudlin. But you just never know. As Good as it Gets teetered on the edge of sappy oblivion too, and yet it won gold. Have to see it to find out.

Here’s Jodie Foster’s The Brave One:

Mildly interesting. It’s a revenge story and hits all the usual beats of that formula. I heard an interview with Jodie Foster on NPR and she had some very fascinating things to say about the genre, particularly how it plays out through the female lens. For instance, she commented how women tend to internalize violence committed against them in various ways. Like, instead of lashing out, they tend to hurt themselves or the ones they love before hurting others. This film seems to be asking “what if?”, having her character empowered in a morally skewed way by seeking vengeance. Her words were enough to make me want to see it.

You’re never going to believe Across the Universe:

Wow, Julie Taymor is amazing, isn’t she?! Not many people but me liked Titus, but everyone loved Frida. This one just looks wonderful, a joyous visual romp through the Beatles catalog. I cannot wait to see the liberties she took in crafting a story around all of those songs.

Here come the next batch of comic book movies! First up is Iron Man:

It’s got the always excellent Robert Downey Jr. as Mr. Stark.

Iron Man isn’t near as big as Spidey or Batman. But doesn’t this flick look solid? Like, metal solid. I predict Iron will blow stuff up real good!

Speaking of Batman, it’s about that time again. The Dark Knight:

Sorry for the tease, but that’s the only “trailer” available right now. Just enough to whet your appetite though, huh? Bale back as the Dark Knight and Heath Ledger as the new Joker. Oh yeah, get your tickets now!

Next up are a couple of documentaries. The first is Audience of One:

Doesn’t that look fantastic? Maybe I’m biased with my Christian background, but I can’t wait to see this! American Evangelicalism breeds a special kind of faithful, and this guy’s eccentricity is a great example. I first heard about this film earlier this year and it’s great to finally see a clip of it. I love psychological examinations of unconventional or disturbed people. This one should be a pleaser.

And in that same vein is Deep Water:

Fascinating, huh? The interesting thing about this story is that it’s quite old. That seems to add another layer of hook for me, but I’m not sure why. I suppose because all the modern interviewees have had all these years to stew over the details of this troubled character, to ponder his motivations. And I’ve resisted reading up on him, just because I want his demise to be a secret. Don’t spoil it for me!

Here’s Richard Kelley’s latest Southland Tales:

I don’t know what to think of this. It looks like a mess, really. So many themes and eccentric characters. I love the post-apocalyptic genre, but this could be goofy.

Ok, that’s it for this week. Let’s go see some movies!

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  1. I am really wanting to see Across the Universe and I hope it lives up to expectations.  From what I am hearing it is either a like it or loathe it kind of film. 

    Ironman looks great.  I love the casting choice of RD, jr.  He was so great in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Band and I've really been looking forward to seeing him in something new.

  2. Carl, I read recently that ATU is set to become the next big cult movie. I hadn’t expected that, but I can see how it might happen.

    Yep, Ironman looks awesome. RDJ will make it awesome.

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