Trailer Roundup (vol. 8)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford:

Not your typical western, huh? But wow, doesn’t it look good? Talk about pure character study, especially considering that the big details of the plot are all spelled out in the title! That’s a bit unusual. Usually, it’s the trailer that everyone complains about spoiling the movie. I like how patient and quiet the trailer is. It’s brooding and methodical. Indeed, I’ll be seeing this one.

Here’s The Protagonist, an interesting look a handful of men with deeply scarred personalities. They seem to share common, if not varied, excessive traits:

The setup kind of reminds me of Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control by Errol Morris.  The central questions between the two films are so similar: Morris’ is :”What do a topiary gardener, a lion tamer, a man mole rat researcher, and a robotics designer have in common?”  The Protagonist‘s is: “What do a German terrorist, a bank robber, an “ex-gay” evangelist, and a martial arts student have in common?”  Disparate lives that yet form a fascinating intertwining tale.  I can’t wait!

O’ Jerusalem

Kurt Cobain: About a Son:

Much has been made of Cobain lately. I was never a huge fan, but this doc does look interesting, nonetheless. I like the style the creator has taken — using landscape and locales as a backdrop against Kurt’s postmortem narration.

Here’s an interesting intersection. Cobain wrote a funny little song called “Lake of Fire”, which happens to be the title of the next documentary:–KfeE

Wow, this looks very good. I love big arching controversial doc subjects, and this one is no small subject matter. Can’t wait!

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