(disad)Vantage Point

What happens when you try to mix 3 parts The Bourne Ultimatum with 1 part In the Line of Fire and 1 part “24” (pick any episode)? Bad things to be sure.

Those are the movies and shows that Vantage Point is aping badly. Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, and Matthew Fox of “Lost” fame — all stellar actors — are here for the paycheck. None have any meat to chew on at all. Dennis Quaid must not be finding work these days. And the wonderful, yet typecast, Saïd Taghmaoui plays his typical Muslim extremist conspirator.

The story is so weak and the characters so paper thin that I didn’t sympathize with any of them. Who dies, who dunnit, who cares? Why did the bad guys do what they did? No effort was made to explain their side to allow the audience to care for them. Why did the good guys go to the lengths they did to save the day? No idea.

This is one of those movies whose trailers were great, but the actual movie was the opposite of great. Avoid Vantage Point at all costs!

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  1. robert! my freind, sarah, is sitting with me right now and she tells me that she highly disagrees! hmmmm…i’ll guess I’ll have to go see it myself!

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