In God We Trust

Back in 2000, I saw a short film by Jason Reitman called In God We Trust. It was the best short film at the USA Film Festival that year.

Here’s what I said then:

Director Jason Reitman… is going somewhere, and his short In God We Trust will take him there.

That bit of prognostication turned out to be very true. Reitman’s film Juno won big for writer Diablo Cody. His film has been one of the most successful indie films of all time.

As a happy result of Juno‘s success, his earlier short film is now online. The setup: A young man is pondering the meaning of the motto on our coinage and gets hit by a car in the process. In the afterlife, he learns that his entrance to heaven or hell depends on his total life score (positive or negative) 1.

Watch it here and tell me it’s not adorable:


  1. a novel, albeit literal, interpretation of works-based theology

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