Let this be a lesson to me

Last weekend, the Elements lulled me into a false sense of Spring.  I washed our cars.  Then on Sunday, guess what happened?

Yep, it snowed.  Check it out:


But look how sweetly clean those cars are!  At least for the short time.

Royal is such a snowdog. Although in this pic, he sure looks like he’s had enough of winter.


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  1. LOL. Similar story here. I mowed the lawn thinking Spring had arrived, only to see it vanish under a blanket of white a couple of days later. One day it’s mild and sunny, the next you can’t feel your toes and there’s a chill draft on the back of your neck. Let’s all pause for a moment and give thanks to the unsung heroes of this time of year: thermostatic radiator valves.

  2. Yes, I thought TRVs were pretty much standard with central heating systems, at least in the UK. We have a combination boiler but in NZ had a gas-fired hot air system that was really effective. I once had a flat with underfloor heating which was nice too. I’m not a fan of boilers, water pipes and bulky radiators: they’re noisy, leak, stop working when they get air pockets, and you have to worry about burst pipes while away in winter.

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