Our new (to us) house!

Sarah and I bought our first home together (my first home!) in late July We are so happy here. It’s just perfect for use in a thousand ways.  Even our dog has become a real dog now.

It’s a beautiful Spanish/Mediterranean place in downtown Springs. There are lots of interesting features about the place.  There’s a mail slot in one of the two master bedroom closets.  There’s a laundry chute.  There’s also this neat milk box built into the kitchen wall with entry doors on both the inside and outside of the house.  So the milkman would deliver milk into this box from the outside.  So charming!

Here are some early pictures we took during the inspection:






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  1. Chad L Avatar
    Chad L

    How is everything going man?  School is going just fine and dad is doing good.  Stay in touch!

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