Festivus, sort of

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is changing.  The leaves are falling.  We’ve already gotten our first light snow fall.  All of those elemental goings-on spell holiday buzz: Festivus! 1


Ok, not really, but that’s what my metal pipe reminded me of.  You see, when Comcast first installed our cable line, they ran it from the back alley all the way to our house in the air 2.  All fine and good, but our backyard is +100 feet long.  That’s a lot of cable.  In fact, by my crude calculations, at about 10oz per foot, that yields about 75 pounds of cable in the air that my house is supporting.  Not good.  The cable was beginning to pull out of my house!

So I had Comcast come out to bury the cable in the ground.  The only thing they couldn’t do for me is get the cable under the alley, which is city property.  So my best alternative was to install my own pole in the very end of my backyard, to which the cable would attach from the light pole.  Confusing, huh?  That’s why a picture is worth about a grand.  I submit to you before-and-after isometric pixel art 3 representations of my property:

Here’s the before:

Here’s the after:


  1. Check out Wiki for more on the great Seinfeld creation of Festivus
  2. known in the biz as an “aerial” installation
  3. Wiki, of course, has a good history lesson on the topic





3 responses to “Festivus, sort of”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    NERD! Actually, it’s really cool, people. But I have to poke fun because it’s been the highlight of Rob’s week.

  2. John Avatar

    Awesome! You’ve inspired me to come out.
    I too have made multiple schematics of our property.

    Wow! That felt great! I feel so free! Thanks Rob.

  3. Rob Avatar

    Don’t tease. Let’s see some of those schematics!

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