Hate mail

Look what I got in the mail…

Some more negative ad campaign junk mail that Karl Rove would be proud of:

weak link between Obama & Ayers
weak link between Obama & Ayers

This is the most despicable of the lot. It weakly tries to implicate Obama with terrorism. For shame! How about talking about issues? Why throw stone after stone?

McCain’s tough guy Sarah Palin has been banging on this supposed link between Obama and Ayers for some time now. But is there a link?

…What we object to are the McCain-Palin campaign’s attempts to sway voters – in ads and on the stump – with false and misleading statements about the relationship, which was never very close. Obama never “lied” about this, just as he never bragged about it. The foundation they both worked with was hardly “radical.” And Ayers is more than a former “terrorist,” he’s also a well-known figure in the field of education. — FactCheck.org:

I don’t think the Colorado Republican Committee is interested in the truth. I think they are more interested in deliberate misinformation in an attempt to sway impressionable undecided voters. Strategy of issues.

That’s not change, Mr. McCain. That’s just more of the same.





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  1. John Avatar

    Booooo! How can we expect an honest well-intentioned administration born of misinformation and fear tactics? Why can’t campaigns trust voters to make sound decisions based on facts, issues and policies? Why can I only comment in rhetorical questions?

  2. Angela Avatar

    I haven’t received any Obama bashing mail. Only against McCain, which I tear up and throw away without reading. I roll my eyes enough during commercials.
    We do enough Obama-bashing in the office to make up for the biased press trash. 🙂

  3. James Avatar

    Obama knows how to sling it around. He just makes fun of the average guy.


    I’m sorry, but as a small business owner that is trying to make it in business I find Obama laughing at Joe Wurzelbacher to be disgusting.

    I’m sorry to say that neither McCain or Obama have any idea what a small business man has to go through. Neither of them have ever had to make a payroll. Especially during a down time like this.

  4. John Avatar

    I’m not going to point fingers and declare who’s poo stinks and whose doesn’t. In the interest of well informed voting, here is a link to the above video put in context.


  5. James Avatar

    Now, now, don’t bore me with the details!

  6. Rob Avatar

    James » It’s the details that matter! To know the truth, you must love it.
    John » Thanks for that link! It’s amazing what can be done with editing, huh? Case in point, The Shining as a romantic comedy:


  7. James Avatar

    Lol, John is ruining all my fun.

    Here is more proof that Obama is bad for America. He plans on legislating rap.


  8. James Avatar

    I’ll have to admit to you guys. I am pretty biased against Obama.

    I don’t care about all these associations and I would guess most Americans don’t either.

    I can’t help but look at this from a small business owners perspective. I have to ask myself who will be the best for small business.

    I don’t claim to have all these statistics figured out. Both sides give different numbers on the sizes of the ‘average’ small business and I don’t honestly know who is right.

    From what I can tell Obama feels that he should tax the large businesses and give the money to lower income people assuming they will grow the economy. I’ll admit that any extra money I get from the government will be used to grow my business and take care of my family. I feel that’s a pretty good use of that tax money.

    McCain’s plan is to continue to give tax breaks to the most wealthy people in America. He believes those are the people who create jobs. I can’t find where either of these statements are inaccurate.

    Here’s the question I’ve had to ask myself. On percentage, who is better with money? The top wage earners in America or the lower wager earners? Well, most of the millionaires in American are first generation rich so I’d say to even get rich you gotta be pretty good with money.

    I’m just not convinced that we need to punish the most successful in our country by having the government take their money and ‘spread it around’ to people who didn’t earn that money.

    I’m not personally ready for the government to take on this role. I don’t think you can legislate fiscal equality.

    It is my dream and my goal to make it to an income high enough for Obama to take my money and give it away. It scares me that that’s the reward he has waiting for me.

    So far the five years I have in business have been, well, hell. It’s been the hardest crap I have ever had to do. Last year we lost more money then I made the previous 3 years combined. It’s a complete miracle (and I do mean a miracle from God) that my business even exists today. We have had to sacrifice in ways that neither Obama or McCain (or anyone else) can even imagine no matter how much they pretend to try. My reward for sticking this out and finding a way to really turn this into something big is to have a freaking politician decide that I have to much and some of MY MONEY will need to be taken away and given to someone who did nothing to earn it.

    That is exactly what Obama is preaching and that isn’t spin. It’s the truth.

    I hope to God Obama’s plan is the best one if he wins.

  9. Jules Avatar

    The whole idea of spreading the wealth is disturbing to me. Jealousy is wishing you had what someone else has. Envy is, “I can’t have it so you shouldn’t have it either”. I think this spread the wealth ideology is causing class warfare which is becoming dangerously close to envy.

    Obama made the comment that those opposed to “spreading the wealth” were making selfishness a virtue. I actually felt very angry about that comment. James and I are very giving people and the more we make the more we will give, not just to our church family but to those around us in need. I want to have the honor of spreading my wealth around myself. I know I can do a much more with my giving than the government. I am grateful that God has put people in my life who have need. It’s such a blessing to give. Plus, I don’t want my money going to social programs that I think are terribly wrong.

    That being said, our country is amazing no matter who is President. Our country is much bigger than one man or one woman. I respect the Presidency and am thankful no matter who wins to be an American. We are so blessed!!

  10. Rob Avatar

    Jules »

    I’m afraid you guys are the exception. It’s a very rare thing to find people as civic-minded as you are, cherishing the privilege to give freely. Most people won’t give unless they have to.

    I worked on my church’s Stewardship Committee this year. It was an eye-opener, and these are all Christians that we were appealing to! Our pastor gave an interesting statistic recently too: the highest contributions of income in the state of Colorado came from a small farming town, south of Pueblo (something like 13% of their income). The lowest came from a very affluent town near Boulder (under 3%). The rich get richer and the poor poorer, but the latter is richer in spirit.

  11. James Avatar

    One of these days I’ll post some stuff out of this leadership book I’m reading by John Maxwell.

    He talks about the 20/80 rule.  One of the things he mentions is that 20% of the people will give 80% of the money.  It’s a sad fact.

    Joe Biden is guilty in this area.  Julie and I have given more to charity this year than Joe has in the last 10 years.  I’m not trying to turn this into a personal attack on Joe.  It just think it’s an appropriate comparison.

  12. James Avatar

    Here is a good article in USA today about this stuff.  It’s interesting.


  13. Rob Avatar

    Hmm, that’s unfortunate. But then Cindy’s not a big giver either.

  14. Jules Avatar

    I guess I’m fortunate to keep such good company. James and I are surrounded by very generous family and friends. I don’t see stinginess in my circle of influence. We have also been at the receiving end of very generous offerings by people who knew we were in need.  Percentage wise we outgive those running for office with the exception of McCain. It’s a darn shame. I believe in the principle of sowing and reaping. I think it applies to every area of our lives. We are blessed to bless. We follow the Dave Ramsey plan. Money is for giving, saving and then spending. My Dave Ramsey budget form list charity at the very top. It’s the first thing you budget for each month. I believe these economic times are causing MILLIONS to get on the Dave Ramsey budget. What a blessing to our country. Millions of people being taught to give first and then budget for everything else. Once you start budgeting and living within your means your money is freed up to give more of it away. I thank God for Dave Ramsey. We have always given our tithe to our church but thanks to him when times are tough we aren’t tempted to give less. We give a set percentage of our income no matter what. It’s always fun to give above and beyond that when you see need. When you live your life within your means and budget, it’s amazing the freedom you have to give. This is the problem our country has. We need to get back to good old fashioned Grandma budgeting! Live within your means and stay out of debt! This would change our country in an enormous way. I am more for the Dave Ramsey financial plan than I am the government taking money from us to spread around as they see fit.

    My sister is die hard Democrat. We’ve enjoyed discussing the issues. I can see her point of view, too, even though I may not agree in the end. It’s fun to discuss things with people of a different point of view. Thanks, Rob.

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