I have OCD… not the one you’re thinking

This one required some knee surgery.  Have a look…

OCD stands for Osteochondritis Dissecans 1.  It’s a developmental bone lesion.  Mine was right on top of the femur and the lesion broke free from the bone back in July when Sarah and I were packing up our moving truck.

So basically, I’ve had a little junk of bone floating around in my knee for the past few months.  By “little”, I mean it was about 1.5cm (roughly the size of a dime!).  And the lesion turned out to be 14mm.

Below there are some photos taken from the scope surgery, including the fragments removed.  Ouch!


  1. Here is some good background info

6 Replies to “I have OCD… not the one you’re thinking”

  1. Wow, great pictures!  It’s clear to me that “IMG_1682.JPG” was pre-Percoset and “Rob’s too chipper” was after…  It’s a good thing they proved that they actually removed something from your knee, since the diagnosis of OCD “requires a high index of suspicion.”  But seriously, get better soon- I need to get back to beating you at raqcuetball…

  2. I have the same thing but they cant do anything about my knee until im older i got the bad knees from my mom i stil have about 7 years of waiting untill they can do anything about it because im not done growing

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