The pinnacle of achievment


I invented brakes.  With my own two burly man-hands.  I climbed Mount Everest barefoot to forge brake pads in the lava pools of the mountain’s inner molten core. I drank fire and breathed madness in the heart of the abyss’s blazing belly.  And I made them for my woman.


I replaced Sarah’s brake pads for the first time.  Was surprised at how well the procedure went.

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  1. Thanks Rob—that gave me a good laugh. One of my friends over here is into DIY car maintenance and it’s just too easy to see the two of you standing next to your respective spouse’s motors, beating your chests Kong-style in a testosterone-fueled face-off…

    P.S. Remember to wait until the above-neck swelling goes down before trying to leave the house 😉

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