Dead man walking!

“Arrrgh! I’ve got the bones of a dead man in me leg!” (to be said to future children with a pirate’s voice)

So the fog of knee surgery #2 is wearing off and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.  Fair warning, some are a bit gruesome.  Arrgh.

So a little background information. This OCD knee defect thing that I talked about last year? I got a call from the doc last week that a donor had become available.

You see, the bone fragments that were removed last year left a sizable cavity under the femur. So if that hole wasn’t plugged, I’d end up with bad arthritis in a few years. And I need strong joints for future child/dog wrestling matches, so having a second surgery was a no-brainer.

And besides, how cool will it be to tell my kids (in a pirate voice, of course) that “I’ve got a dead man’s bone inside me!

UPDATE: My wife informs me that technically mine was a meniscus transplant, not bone. Thank you, dear, but I’m sticking with the pirate bone story for effect.

Here you go:






2 responses to “Dead man walking!”

  1. James Avatar


    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  2. Bruce Avatar

    Wow Rob, I had no idea they were doing meniscus transplants from cadavers these days. Surgeon’s humour, huh? Makes you wonder what they draw inside you and _don’t_ photograph for your later enjoyment…

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