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  1. So very cool and awsome.   A new life to take care of, no pressure here Rob.  Thanks for sending this. Rick

  2. How exciting! Congratulations to both of you! We are so excited for you!

  3. Congratulations Rob, we are so excited for you two!
    I love that translation of Psalm 139.

  4. Just wanted to add my congratulations too Rob. Hope all goes well and before you know it Baby Lund will be playing with his/her first soldering kit 😉

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!  I am so happy for you guys.  We are pregnant as well and I am almost 25 weeks along and due in October.  I would love to know how you got your sono pic so clean on the computer.  When I scan mine they get very grainy and hard to make out the image.  Once again, congrats and keep us posted on how Sarah is doing.

    1. Evie, congrats to you too!  Sarah’s my scanner pro.  She says she did this:

      brought brightness down, contrast up
      converted to black and white

      Bruce, he/she would make Dad so proud to wield a soldering iron!

  6. It’s just nice to see Sarah with an engineering project for once.
    She’s gonna show you buddy!

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