I got the mule skinner blues

Sarah and I just returned from a trip to Dolores to see her dad and stepmom. We had a great time.

We saw the cliff dwellings of the Ancient Puebloans. Here’s a panorama shot of some of the cliff dwellings from above:

pueblo ruins
pueblo ruins

And Roger and Erica even played us a private jam session on guitar and mandolin! They are quite the musicians. Roger shared this little old-timey bluegrass jam with me on YouTube. It’s called Muleskinner Blues by the Fendermen (these guys rock!):

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  1. Wow, those places are so amazing.  From an architectural perspective and from an historical perspective.  Wouldn’t you love to be able to just look through a window in time and actually see how they looked with they were alive with activity, people living their lives there.  I think that would be a true wonder to behold.  Glad you both had fun on your visit.

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