She’s here!

Look who’s coming home for dinner (for the next 18 years)…

Iris Amelia Lund!

Isn’t she adorable? She was born today, 01/11/10 (she’s binary!) and is healthy.

She is 8lbs 5oz. She is 20.5 inches long. She was born at 3:32am. Mom is doing great.

We’ll post more info later, after everyone here gets more sleep!

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  1. How exciting! Congratulations to you and Sarah. And blessings to your new little baby girl. She is just adorable!

  2. She’sabsolutely perfect! Good work, Mommy! Cherish every second- you’ll miss these days the most!

  3. Yippee!!! So happy for you Rob and Sarah!
    Welcome to your beautiful pink room Iris and your awesome family!

  4. Congratulations to Sarah Rob & Iris, and all the new grandparents. She certainly is a beauty. The sixth great granddaughter! We truly are blessed. Our love to you all.
    Grandpa Cal & Shirley

  5. Awesome- she is gorgeous! Love the name 🙂 Enjoy these early, precious, long, tiring days! Talk to you soon.

  6. Congratulations to Iris’ parents!! What a blessing to have a little girl and with such a beautiful name!

  7. Congrats Rob & Sarah, Now you should make Sarah breakfast in bed for the next month at least !

  8. We are so happy for you! All of Big Blue will rejoice with the news! Welcome to our world, little Iris!

  9. Congratulations to both of you! Iris looks perfect…..can’t wait to see her in person. Big Blue has been anxiously awaiting your baby news for days, so I will email them the news and try to forward your photos. We are so happy for all three of you.

  10. Congratulations Rob and Sarah. She is beautiful! Can’t wait to hear and see her during rehearsal!

  11. My, oh my! God so loves the little folks, and their moms and dads! Iris is just beautiful!

  12. Congratulations, Sara, Rob and sweet little Iris! What a blessed day for us all in Big Blue!

  13. Wow — Iris looks like a singer, a real alto ! ! Start the music, 3 Lunds in harmony.

  14. Sorry Carol but I checked with the OB Doctor and it is confirmed, Iris is a Soprano!!! What a Blessing and we are all so happy for you all.

  15. Congratulations Rob, Sarah and Iris! We rejoice with you and will be praying for your beautiful family! We can’t wait to meet Iris!!

    Love to all,
    Clem and Lydia

  16. Welcome to parenthood Sarah and Rob! Thanks for the pictures. Enjoy Iris she is as beautiful as her name.

  17. We are praising God for beautiful, healthy, baby Iris – born on MY birthday! She is a treasure and will enrich your lives beyond anything you can imagine. Blessings on your sweet family!

  18. Congrats you guys! She’s gorgeous!!! Enjoy your new bundle of love! Babies are so much fun!!!

  19. Welcome little Iris and congratulations on selecting such fine parents. Rob and Sarah, much joy and many blessings to you as you start this wonderful journey.

  20. Janet & I were so pleased to receive the birth announcement and picture of Iris! Congradulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

  21. Wow! Congratulations on your beautiful new blessing to your family! Iris is adorable! Can’t wait to meet her!

  22. Rob and sarah
    Wow! Congratulations on your new little and adorable girl. Iris is a great joy. Can’t wait to meet her. Enjoy this moment and spoil her as much as possible. congrats. welcome to the world Iris.

  23. Congratulations! We will look forward to holding and playing with Iris – we are delighted for all of you!

  24. Beautiful. Happy to hear that all are healthy and in good shape.

    Jim is even talking about coming to visit to see Iris, and you two of course.

  25. So thrilled to hear and see the great news!! I’ve been missing seeing you both in the choir so I guessed that “the event” was near. Congratulations, she is beautiful.

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