Baby gear

As new parents, we’ve discovered the sheer magnitude of baby related stuff that accumulates. And we’re thrifty people. I’m a semi-rigid utilitarian for crying out loud! Still have tons of crap.

What doesn’t help a new father like me to become initiated into the fraternity of Babydom is that all this stuff has cute little Babydom product names. For instance, a “swing” can’t just be called a “swing”. Oh no. It must be called a “Bebop” or some such.

Other cases in point: we have an “Exersaucer”, a “Wub-a-Nub”, and a “Bumbo”, all of which I have mistakenly referred to as “Interloper”, “Jib-Jab”, and “Bimbo”, respectively.

Why can’t a spade just be a spade, even in Babydom?

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