Valentine’s Miracle

I wrote the following silly poem for Sarah a few years ago. I found it recently and thought I’d share it with the interwebz:

‘Twas the morning of Valentine’s,
And all through the town home,
Not a human was stirring,
‘cept for orange felines.

Little did they know,
And none did they guess
That whilst they did slumber,
The Valentine Hare did not rest.

From room to room the Love Bunny trod,
He hopped and skipped, with glee on his whiskers,
Hiding notes of romance — love in each word —
Leaving candies, and cookies, and extra large Snickers.

And just like that, the Rabbit he fled,
Startled by kitties and puppies in play.
Gone ’til next year. Hurry back soon!
And bring with you goodies while we in our bed.

‘Tis the grand story of our favorite Hare
How saved he Valentine’s, that day so rare.
Singing his song, angelic and lyrical
Let us join hands with paws:

Proclaim the Valentine’s miracle!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart. I love you more each day!

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