A few weeks ago, the worst fire in Colorado’s history broke out.  In my town.  It was like Armageddon raining fire down upon us.  A bunch of people lost their homes, a few people died.  It was definitely a scary few days.

After the very professional firefighters and city government folks began to gain control, some levity was in order.  I got on Twitter and joked that I wasn’t going to shave until this end-of-the-world stuff quieted down.  And a local report named Barrett Tryon joined in.  The following is the Tweet stream.

The first official hashtag instance:

My before pic:

Then other people joined in:

My update a week later:

Final update before 100% containment:

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  1. Very nice. So was that the final pic before it was (presumably) shaved off? Is yours now a happy household free from the evils of facial hair?

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