Inaugural Maker Faire

Well, I’ve officially joined the DIY electronics community.  Last week, I attended my first Maker Faire.  It was my city’s first ever, and I was determined to take one of my projects as a booth participant.  Nothing like a deadline to get my hind quarters into gear and (kind of) finish a project!

It was fantastic.  10AM to 4PM, steady stream of people.  And there were all types, which is what I really love about the Maker community.  This isn’t just 20-30 year-old males who live in their parents’ basement.

The vast majority were young children and their parents.  There were a good number of adults too: CB radio types, teachers, professionals.  I spoke with Joe, the owner of Virtuabotix.  He had wonderful advice for improving my TLPA project and how to go about taking it to market.

I spoke with a professor of science who had lots of questions about my interests, as it related to STEM.

Kids love to control lights too.
Kids love to control lights too.

And there were tons of kids who had wonderful, engaging, inquisitive questions about the nature of traffic science.  This one kid seemed to be a little programming prodigy.  His first question was: “Did you write your software with Javascript?” Ha!  I loved every minute of it!

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