Pi through the ages

I’ve loved the irrational number set for most of my life.  There’s something magical about numbers that have no finite limit.  Pi is one of those.

I have two books on the topic of the curious ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

But my favorite bit of Pi memorabilia is by far my shirt (currently out of stock).  If you know me, then you know my shirt.  It’s a classic bit of math nerd garb.  I’ve stubbornly held onto this t-shirt for 10+ years.  It’s had paint spilled on it (my wife lovingly resuscitated it).  It’s followed me from one home to the next, from bachelorhood into happily-wedded matrimony.  From pet owning to child rearing.

As its meandering random digits march through time, I’ve been happy to accompany it emblazoned on my body like a signpost.  Where to next, irrational number? 1


  1. There’s lots of fun items at the Pi searcher website!






One response to “Pi through the ages”

  1. Sarah Baker Lund Avatar

    Aw! My favorite Pi shirt event was Gussy’s birth, followed closely by the Glenwood Springs trip. You’ll be needing another shirt before long!

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