I replaced the old, nasty vanity and sink in our master bedroom with a new (to us) double sink. It took me forever to do, since I’m not so great at texturing and plumbing, but my wife was understanding with the slow progress. ­čÖé

I had gotten quotes from a few vendors and contractors and was finding this job would cost at least $2500!

So I scoured Craigslist for a long time until the right one popped up. The seller was about 2 hours away from me and needed to get rid of it ASAP. They informed me that it was going on the curb for free a few days after I inquired about it (they had a move-out deadline).

It was such a beautiful piece of furniture, I just had to make the effort of getting it first! It’s solid wood, not a single piece of particle board. It’s got a marble top and two Danze faucets, which I recently discovered retail for $200 each!

So I dashed out that night with our minivan, after dark, arriving at about 10pm at the seller’s now-abandoned house… and it was still there!

I didn’t have any help with me, but I was able to work it in my vehicle alone!

After several coats of paint, some slight modifications, a lot of wall repair & paint, some electrical work… and we have ourselves a new bathroom. And our cost total? $508.11┬á 1


  1. Being Dave Ramsey enthusiasts, you can bet we have a highly detailed spreadsheet to back up those numbers!

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