So I’m nearly done committing my software changes using the normally amazing TortoiseSVN. I’m about 200 words into this tome, documenting all the arcane bits of changes that I feel will aid the future Rob and other devs understand why I did what I did.

And what should I do at that ill-timed moment? I hit the escape key.

According to a TSVN dev on their user group, this will likely never get fixed as it’s not seen as a problem.

How is this not a bug?! Fine, have it your way, devs: call it a Windows dialog. Bind Escape to the Cancel button. Fine. But for the love of god, why not meet me half way here and throw up a confirmation popup if there’s text in the log field first? No warning at all?!

And because I’m anal-retentive, you can bet that I’m going to be miserably re-typing all 200 of those lost words.

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  1. Agree!

    Working for a software company at the moment, it occurs to me there is a correlation between money and customer service. Such as when a huge dollar customer strongly suggests a usability improvement, that customer’s name will likely be added into the change request. Postpone-will-not-fix something with that customer’s name in the title… maybe not.

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