New Driver? Don’t Panic When Something Goes Wrong


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Driving a car can be stressful. After all, cars are pieces of technology that require maintenance and upkeep, meaning sometimes you’ll have to replace things, sometimes you’ll have to get the paintwork redone, and sometimes you might just break down in the middle of nowhere. 

But if you’re a new driver, you shouldn’t panic in these situations. Stay calm, make sure you’re in a safe space, and have tips like those below on your side. You’ll be back on the road before you even know it. 

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Get Emergency Breakdown Cover

If you know there’s someone skilled and experienced to call when you breakdown in the middle of nowhere, you’re going to be far less panicked about how to get out of the situation. You’ll have someone on the way that’ll be able to tow your car and give you a lift, meaning you’ll be home safe and sound very soon. 

There are quite a few providers out there, so it won’t be hard to find breakdown cover that’s suitable for your needs and budget. Take your time doing research. Once you feel more confident as a driver, and you’re sure you could cope if you did breakdown, feel free to cancel your membership to save money. 

Windshield Chips and Cracks Can Be Fixed

Despite being one of the most common repair issues a car can go through, something happening to the windshield can be nerve wracking. It’s sudden, loud, and can leave a huge dent or chip right in front of your face. That’s not an experience you’re going to enjoy as a new driver just finding their feet!

In case this happens, make sure you have the number for a reliable windshield replacement noted down somewhere. This way, if something affects your windshield and you feel unsafe driving the car, you can immediately take the vehicle to be repaired. Don’t panic! Just get in touch with a repair person and make your way there safely and slowly. 

Learn to Change a Tyre

Do you know how to change a tyre? Quite a few new drivers don’t. In fact, nearly 25% of drivers don’t know how to without following an online tutorial. And that’s OK – as long as you’ve got a signal wherever you are after discovering that one of your tyres is flat or has a puncture. 

You can never be sure of this, so make sure you’ve brushed up on your tyre changing skills before you have to actually do so. If you feel confident in your approach to jacking up your vehicle, removing the old tyre, securing the new one, and then continuing on your journey, you’re going to feel much more at peace behind the wheel. Make sure you have the right tools for this packed into your vehicle as well! 

Don’t let panic ruin your road experience. If you’re a new driver who’s never owned a car before, you can become more comfortable behind the wheel by following tips like these. 






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