Have you ever read back through past pages of your journal and had that odd experience of almost not recognizing your own words? It’s a feeling of great distance from then to now. Yet the remembering also brings to mind just how far you’ve come. I’ve never been a good diary keeper. But my blog tends to serve that purpose, albeit irregularly.

Still, when I read some of my old posts, I get that unique feeling. They’re like breadcrumbs leading me back to certain crossroads. And they serve as mile markers that lead the way to the future.  Here are some significant breadcrumbs:

  1. January 2005: Who am I?
  2. August 2005: New Directions
  3. May 2006: Sarob
  4. October 2006: On Marriage and Mysteries
  5. August 2008 (password hint = our dog’s name): Our new (to us) house!
  6. September 2008: Electoral Epistemology
  7. Birth of my daughter: She’s Here!
  8. Career Hop