Thoughts on semantics and syntax, forests and trees

I love “computer” programming. There are many good programming principles that can be applied to life. Take for instance the difference between syntax and semantics in language. Syntax is the nuts and bolts. It’s the grammar, the rules that tell you how to construct a sentence correctly. Its meaning is derived solely from how the […]


I caught this nice little Kickstarter video today while reviewing the top 2012 funded projects.  It’s a typeface commissioned by the city of Chattanooga.  Their pitch video is really well done, in that Helvetica, designer-friendly way.  It reminds me of the really excellent podcast “99% Invisible” by Roman Mars, which explores the hidden world of […]

Firebeard, the Phoenix

A few weeks ago, the worst fire in Colorado’s history broke out.  In my town.  It was like Armageddon raining fire down upon us.  A bunch of people lost their homes, a few people died.  It was definitely a scary few days. After the very professional firefighters and city government folks began to gain control, […]

Bulb go boom

There was a fishy smell in my daughter’s room the other day. It turned out to be a burned out CFB. And by burned, I mean burned. Take a look at this bulb and tell me this doesn’t look hazardous! The disturbing part is that there’s a UL mark right on the bulb. I contacted […]

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