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  • Audio book roundup

    I’ve been “reading” a lot of books lately, thanks to the magic of audio books on my phone.  I use the word reading loosely here, since it feels like a lot less work for a slow reader like me. Yet, I can’t argue with the science that confirms that, while listening to the spoken word,…

  • #BecauseOfRHE, Abe and Jonas

    #BecauseOfRHE, Abe and Jonas

    One of my most precious parenting rituals is reading to my children before their bedtimes. My son is in love with the Magic Tree House series, having read (listened) to probably 90% of the collection twice over by now.

  • Letters from a Skeptic review

    Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory A. Boyd My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book was incredibly helpful to me during my faith deconstruction, long before I even had the language to call it that. What struck me the most about it was its compassion. Boyd has this rigor in his delivery somehow without…

  • Life After God review

    Life After God by Douglas Coupland My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have an embarrassing number of highlights, underlines, and margin notes in this book. I’m a picky person with picky tastes, and yet this is one of those few books that just resonated with me deeply. It’s format is unique, which I think…

  • Mom and books

    Mom and books

    I owe my reading life to Mom.  I remember her reading to my sister and me throughout our childhood.  I think there’s power in the spoken word for a young child; my imagination was exercised regularly very early on. And now I see how that cycle is repeating, as I read books to Iris at…

  • the wilderness between fathers & sons

    It’s hard to understand the self-destructive impulse in some people. Take for instance, Chris McCandless.

  • Interrogations at Noon

    A very good friend from college sent me a wonderful house (apartment) warming gift: