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  • musical aphasia

    The similarities of music to language are very striking.  While I fancy myself fluent in the latter (English, that is), I’m still very much a novice in the former.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Sarah and I just came back from our Maundy Thursday service.  Our choir sang the Rutter Requiem.  It was my first time and I’ll never forget it. Here is the final movement, Lux Aeterna. Here are the lyrics. The soprano soloist (sung by our associate pastor) part is in English, while the choir is in…

  • Bernstein’s Mass

    For my church choir’s annual Christmas concert two weeks ago, one of the solos was a piece from Bernstein’s Mass, titled “Hymn and Psalm: A Simple Song.”  It’s a very modern sounding song, not at all like traditional requiem masses.  At times, it was very dissonant and haunting, other times similar to big band Broadway. …

  • choir notes

    I love singing in our choir. We’ve been singing some old spirituals and this morning we sang “The Battle Of Jericho”.

  • Recap: Brahms Day 3

    Rewind a week and a half to our Friday night performance of Brahms’ German Requiem. The concert hall wasn’t full, but there were still about 800 or so seats filled. The orchestra was assembled and emanating that wondrously cacophonic trill of tuning instruments. The choir had warmed up with scales, the last throat cleared. The…

  • Brahms: day 2

    150 voices, full string section of violins, celli, french horns, harp, percussion — awesome.

  • Brahms & anger management

    This is the Lenten season.

  • Big Blue

    Big Blue

    Would you believe it? I joined a choir.