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  • Upgraded coop lighting

    Upgraded coop lighting

    I finally got around to upgrading the lighting in my chicken coop.

  • Cordifying battery things

    Cordifying battery things

    In my house, we have a ton of “batteried” devices.  Having small children, in this modern age, one tends to collect a lot of toys, tools, crafts, and associated appliances that require an array of batteries.  Triple- and double-As are in high demand, though 9V and even the C cells are occasionally used.  Don’t even get…

  • Catastrophic Failure

    Catastrophic Failure

    A fluorescent light fixture in our house went out.  After replacing the bulb, the light still didn’t turn on.  So I figured I had nothing to lose by ripping apart the ballast.  What I quickly discovered scared me.

  • Cabinet child lock

    Cabinet child lock

    My 1-year old is a curious kid.  She prides herself in breaking into highly secure bank vaults, er cabinets.  In particular, she’s taken a liking to our buffet which houses both china and liquor (neither of which are kid-approved items) behind two toddler-level doors.  So I had to come up with a way to keep…

  • Garage attic

    Garage attic

    I added storage space to my old garage by putting in an attic. It was much bigger of a job than I thought it would be.

  • project roundup

    project roundup

    I might have been a good candidate for the Darwin Awards, but thankfully didn’t bite it.

  • Kitchen remodel

    Kitchen remodel

    Sarah and I decided our first big house project would be a kitchen remodel.  The old cabinets were very distinctive, but not that practical.  And Sarah loves cooking, so we needed an updated more convenient kitchen.

  • Shed project, part 3

    Shed project, part 3

    Like giving birth, the pain is now behind us.

  • Shed project, Part 2

    Shed project, Part 2

    Last time, I talked about the conceptual design of the shed.  Well, today Mark and I completed phase 2 of the shed project: the foundation.

  • Shed project, Part 1

    Shed project, Part 1

    I’m building a shed very soon, but before I could get the materials, I needed to know how much stuff I had to fit inside the shed. That’s where Google comes in…