some thoughts on M. Night

At the root of being human is a recognition that we are finite, and thus vulnerable. This recognition doesn’t go away when we “grow up,” it just gets subverted and worked out differently.

This is why I love M. Night Shyamalan’s films.

The article is on Metaphilm, a great film discussion website.






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  1. Rob Avatar

    Encouraging bit, isn’t it? I loved that article too. 🙂

  2. Rob Avatar

    Exactly! I really enjoy the articles on that site. Very thought provoking.

  3. Carl Avatar

    I especially like this part of the article “What about living up to a heroic life of risk and adventure? Why do we fear who we really are? Is living a life that is truly alive—a life that risks being who we really are—so bad in the end? Do we keep the secure “safe” job and continue walking in numbness?

    Why is it that the unknown is so often seen as a 50/50 chance at death rather than an opportunity to surprise the world with hope?”

    Really great questions that I think we need to start asking ourselves right now…no more waiting, no more plodding along through life.

    I love all Shyamalan’s movies and couldn’t be more happy that each is different in its own unique way while staying true to central themes and symbolism that mark them as his creations. Hope he continues to make more thought provoking movies.

  4. Julie Avatar

    I love his movies! It would seem, that James and I are two of only a few people who liked Signs. We even own it! Loved The Village, as well. Can’t figure out why people complained about these movies so much.

  5. Melissa Avatar

    I loved that article! It put articulate words to why I love M. Night’s movies. I get so frustrated with people who walk away from his films and say things like “that wasn’t scary at all” or “Yeah, he’s a one hit wonder alright.” Aargh! They obviously don’t recognize the symbolism, themes, and questions present in all of his movies. Each time I watch one of his films, I look forward to the discussions that will follow.

  6. Rob Avatar

    I think it’s because they were just hoping for a bigger pay off at the end like Sixth Sense, when actually each was more of an introspective resolution.

    I’m with you, Julie! Great, great movies.

  7. Melissa Avatar

    Julie, we own Signs too!! I screamed, laughed and cried when watching it in the theaters–Jim will vouch for me! (Man, I really do use exclamation points excessively!)

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