I solder the body electric

  • Huey Trump

    Huey Trump

    Huey Long was a 1930s governor from Louisiana . He was a rising star of left-wing politics, known for his extreme populism and radical, rousing speeches. He was further left of FDR, opposed the New Deal as insufficient, and advocated for wealth redistribution. He was impeached by the LA legislature for abuse of power in…

  • Self referentialism

    I ran across this meme-y joke recently…

  • Carvell on masculinity

    Found this author on a podcast recently. Carvell’s words resonated with me… “I can’t singlehandedly undo all the misogyny and patriarchy that led to this moment. It was a lifetime of indoctrination to get to this point. It will take a lifetime to get away from it.” Carvell Wallace

  • State of affairs

    State of affairs

    The first presidential debate was last night and I have thoughts.

  • Radical Inclusion in the Darkest Valleys

    Radical Inclusion in the Darkest Valleys

    Several weeks ago, my church had a series on the Lord’s Prayer, picking apart all the elements of the well known prescription of appealing to God.  Near the end of the series was also a deep dive into Psalm 23, with a call to radically inclusive communion in a world that means you harm. God…

  • On solving Cross Sums

    On solving Cross Sums

    As you may remember, I’ve become obsessed with the Dell Magazines puzzle collections: This book of mine has many types of puzzles, most of which are word-based (without being dreadful crosswords, which I suck at) or logic-based (which I love, given my career). One such puzzle of theirs that I’d never heard of before is…

  • Upgraded coop lighting

    Upgraded coop lighting

    I finally got around to upgrading the lighting in my chicken coop.

  • Coding Abstractions

    Abstractions are everywhere. Loops are abstractions. Functions are abstractions. Programming languages themselves are abstractions over machine code, which itself is an abstraction over transistors flickering off and on really fast. It’s abstractions all the way down. Josh Comeau

  • Too Much and Never Enough review

    A devastating read, from cover to cover. Particularly the prologue, wherein Mary Trump really unloads on her uncle. It’s cringe worthy to bear witness to such a public family feud, but if anyone has a right to this much frustration, it’s her.

  • Unwanted logo changes

    Unwanted logo changes

    Why must quality bankable podcasts change their logos?

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The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism
it was amazing
A sometimes bleak look at Evangelical abuses and corruption from someone deep on the inside, who would know what he’s talking about.
it was amazing
Excellent book, yet another trip down Trump lane. Why do I keep returning to this avenue?! This is actually easy to defend: the attempt to overthrow my government in my generation was a stunning development, one that nearly happened at m…
A Fever in the Heartland: The Ku Klux Klan's Plot to Take Over America, and the Woman Who Stopped Them
it was amazing
This was a fantastic book. It captures the "best" of heartbreaking true crime along with the intrigue of historical political thriller. I was stunned to read — once again — how much racial politics has so deeply informed much of Amer…