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  • Android visual automation programming

    Android visual automation programming

    My day job has me thinking about automation for a living . And while I try not to bring the office home with me, these concepts tend to follow me around.

  • Ukrainian Outsourcing

    Ukrainian Outsourcing

    I had the most bizarre confrontation last year in my gym locker room — a place that is supposed to be a bastion of privacy, comfort, sometimes camaraderie — from which I haven’t really recovered. Charles is a jovial sort of guy.  He’s in his mid to late 50s.  He’s gregarious and extroverted, often seeking…

  • Simulated Power Fail Test

    I ran across this little humorous easter egg the other day, buried deeply in a software development kit manual: Simulated Power Fail Test To begin the test, pull the power plug from the UPS. The first time that you do this, psychologically it won’t be easy, but after you have pulled the plug a few…

  • online IDEs

    I love IDEOne.  It’s a fully debuggable online compiler for a bunch of software languages.  And there’s no need installing a plugin to format source code correctly on my blog, when this service offers embeddable links.  Like this: By the way, this isn’t compiling. Anyone have any pointers? See what I did there? Pointers?

  • To do: create social media message bomb utility

    To do: create social media message bomb utility

    I have this friend, let’s call him Marv. Marv can be a tough guy to get a hold of. So difficult, that I sometimes go crazy trying to plan my social calendar around his sporadic absenteeism. I vacillate between letting him be who he is and wanting to strangle him for his ways. I guess…

  • Tis the season to hack your address book…

    fa la la la la, la la la la!

  • Monkey Poets and Integer Pointers

    I have a confession to make. A rather big one. The kind of character-shattering revelation that might cause you to change your mind about me.