I have this friend, let’s call him Marv. Marv can be a tough guy to get a hold of. So difficult, that I sometimes go crazy trying to plan my social calendar around his sporadic absenteeism. I vacillate between letting him be who he is and wanting to strangle him for his ways. I guess right now, I’m in the latter mode.

When Marv is in one of his puzzling blackout binges, it’s always challenging to guess which method of communication would best reach him the most direct. Which of the many competing social media chirping alerts will rise above the other chatter and get his attention? It’s a real pickle.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there were some tool out there that let you simultaneously send a text, a Facebook message, a Twitter DM 1, an email, a Google+ message, ad nauseum, all to the same person? I would call such a utility: the Social Media Message Bomb Utility ® 2.

Time to get coding. Watch out Marv, you’re about to get SMMBUed.


  1. direct message
  2. SMMBU

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