Poor White Trash

Poor White Trash was the only film in this festival from which I walked out.

Not counting a horribly pretentious short film, Poor White Trash was the only film in this festival from which I walked out.

Let me first defend my reaction. For starters, the projectionist really screwed up the sound. It was unbelievably loud. I mean 180 decibels, bleeding-ears loud. I literally had my fingers in my ears the entire time I was sitting in the theater, and I was in one of the middle rows. It’s not like I was up front.

Second, the story didn’t impress me. Perhaps my reaction is due in part that I’m inundated by the “redneck” persona here in Dallas, TX. Whatever the case, my sensibilities were irritated by the grating yokel shenanigans of Tony Denman and Jacob Tierney, playing two young members of the white trash subculture. Not knowing anything about these two actors’ upbringings, I can only assume they did their homework for the roles — they were naturals. The story is allegedly a crime spree comedy but I wouldn’t know. I had seen enough.

To his credit, writer/director Michael Addis manages to garner quite a cast for his debut feature. Sean Young and M. Emmet Walsh (who together starred in Blade Runner so many years ago) aren’t exactly small names. One of the few redeeming qualities was the radiant Jaime Pressly.

But believe me, none of these performances convinced me to tough it out. At least the Surround-the-World Sound gave me a good excuse to make an early exit. Upon reaching the top of the aisle, however, I met Mike Addis who was looking quizzical at my departure. I explained to him that the audio level was far too high. He then shouted over said audio, “WHAT?!” I took his oblivion as reason enough to retire to the blessedly silent lobby.

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I was contacted by the director himself about two years after posting my review. Below is his email:

From: (omitted)@michaeladdis.com
Subject: Poor White Trash
Date: June 13, 2002 4:40:04 PM CDT
To: Rob


Your review of my film, Poor White Trash doesn’t make any sense. You walked out of the film because it was too loud? That?s not a professional response to a film you are to review. No one has ever given our film a bad review for decibel level. I?m going to ask you to take that review off the site. A lot of people are enjoying the film on HBO and Showtime and especially on home video after a good run at the Sunset 5 Theater. If you rent the movie and watch the whole thing in your home, at the sound level you like, you’ll probably enjoy the film.


All due respect to Michael, but I’m not a professional film critic, therefore I’m entitled to any review I want. Nevertheless, I wish him the best possible run on any and all future cable stations.

Just for the record, Poor White Trash is on my Netflix list, somewhere toward the bottom. One of these days, I will indeed be able to watch it at my own sound level.

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